Between us Brejeiro bring a rich diverity of musical experience to the band from jazz to Latin from Reggae to Eastern European Folk. United by our love of Choro we delight in the philosophy of this being a music to share and involve our audiences in the Choro experience.

Our aim is to bring choro music to as wide an audience as possible through concerts, workshops, rodas, shows and our website. We connect with other choro players world wide creating a network of knowledge and expertise to keep alive and develop the music for new and expanding audiences and players alike.

Brejeiro are:

Dave Griffiths – Mandolin and Cavaquinho

Mingus Fingers, Paul Brett, Tight Like That, Jim Reynolds, Eddie Martin

Mike Pryor – Mandolin and Cavaquinho

Buffalo Smoke, Skin the Peeler, Bill Smarme

Andy Fuller – Pandeiro and percussion

K’Chevere, Sirius B, Encanto, Descarga, Mango Factory

Rachel Parede – Flute

Bristol Reggae Orchestra, The Fantasy Orchestra

Knud Stuwe – Guitar

Mr Dowlands Midnight, Chai for Two, Instant Wit

“All human emotion is covered, from the tender drama of Quando me Lembro to the chirpy Jesusita en Chihuahua – I defy you not to smile”


“An infectious melody of singing mandolins laced with complicated rhythms that will have even the most unmusical among us tapping our feet and looking for someone to dance with.”
Barry Gambles

“Many thanks for being such a fabulous part of last nights entertainment! I think you will have gained even more fans! Brejeiro are really wonderful. We were very honoured to have you.”
Cindy Stratton


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