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Our New CD "Carinhoso" (Tenderly)
Just when we thought we were doing OK along comes this genius of a Brazilian Choro musician called Gaio de Lima who says “well, it’s ok but it’s not traditional Choro you know? To be authentic you’ll need to get rid of those two mandolins and get a cavaquinho, and get rid of that six string guitar and get a 7 string one, and maybe sing a little, and maybe speak a bit of Portuguese, and maybe….”. Well, now you can hear the results of us listening and learning from the master. No, we're not speaking Portuguese, or singing, or (yet) using a 7-string guitar. But we did rush out a by a couple of cavaquinhos and can’t believe how much fun they are to play. Plus, there’s another body of Choro work to study for cavaquinho, some of which we’ve included on this album. Hopefully you’ll get to love the little Brazilian ukulele as much as we do now.

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Join Brejeiro to feel the hearbeat of Choro.


Our New CD "Carinhoso"

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"Love the new CD, I can't keep still when it's playing!" Christine Nickless on Facebook

"Their second CD ‘Carinhoso’ epitomises how talented and versatile these musicians are ...the playing throughout is splendid." (See full review)
Sandra Woodruff - BMG Federation




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